White Mountain Biodiesel, LLC

Cooking Oil Collection Routes now managed by EnviroTek. Learn more....

White Mt. Biodiesel will buy your used cooking oil for $1.00 per Gallon!

waste restaurant grease

Refer a Restaurant Program:

Refer a waste restaurant grease account to White Mountain Biodiesel and we will send you an additional $25 for each account you refer in your next quarterly oil collection check.

Used Cooking Oil

If you are a food service professional and would like us to pick up your waste restaurant grease and turn it into environmentally and US friendly biodiesel, we would be happy to work with you.

Our Cooking Oil Collection Routes are expanding and now managed by our partner: EnvirotekUSA.

waste grease pick up

Because you are helping us to protect the environment, decrease our dependency on foreign oil and enable us to create new jobs in the New Hampshire and the Vermont region, we have increased our compensation for used cooking oil to $1.00 a gallon effective immediately for all customers.

Biodiesel is a win-win-win, for the consumer, for the environment and for our country.

Please keep the oil coming!

Please contact us and we will arrange to have EnviroTekUSA begin picking up your waste vegetable oil. We are currently establishing pick up routes in Vermont and New Hampshire.

If you are in the waste grease collection business and have grease available for sale please contact us.

Used Cooking Oil barrel
Used Cooking Oil barrel

Used Cooking Oil - large Bin
Used Cooking Oil - large Bin